About Us

Who we are

Zoomus is the crucible of online savings, the 2.0 of daily deals, the “new-skool” version of coupons, and the ultimate place to find the offers you actually want, and the offers you’ll actually use. From energetic beginnings in early 2011, Zoomus has transformed into a hot-spot for linking local businesses with local people. Between our team of spry college students spreading our fame, to our seasoned old vets with over 50 years experience in the marketing world, our All-Star staff is comprised of professionals dedicated to bring you the best user experience. Our offices in New Jersey and California leave us well-rooted and ready to operate all across the U.S.


What we want

We want our car-washing, mexican-food-eating, movie-going, yard-mowing, massage-getting, hair-coloring, furniture-buying, suit-tailoring, photo-taking customers to enjoy living local and save money. We want EVERYBODY, before they do ANYTHING, to first check for a Zoomus Offer. Going out to eat? Check for a Zoomus offer. Need a haircut? Check for a Zoomus offer. Your car need a tune-up? Check for a Zoomus offer. Trying to move all your stuff into storage, put in hard-wood floors, paint your house, buy flowers, and get a dog sitter? Check for a Zoomus offer! Why not?


What we do

We collaborate with local businesses to offer you real-time savings. We put these offers online. Then we let you search and redeem these offers INSTANTLY. No waiting for offers to go live. No pre-purchasing offers. No hassel. Just find the offer you want to use, show your phone to the business or print out the offer, and take it in! So tell your friends, foes and families, to first check for Zoomus Offers!